Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Le Bayou Restaurant French Quarter New Orleans

When in Rome...or Nawlins, you have to visit the Quarter just to say you've seen it. There is no other city like it in America with 150 year old buildings, small stone covered streets and a party atmosphere rivaled in few other places. I am not much of a party animal, and I am a lightweight in the drinking department, I don't visit peak-a-boo bars but Nawlins specializes in one thing I do like.....a lot. So far every restaurant I've eaten in has been pretty amazing.

They love the slurpee type adult beverages here, so I decided to have one.  I had a hurricane, it was tasty..and strong.  I slurped it as I walked the entire street. I finally settled on Le Bayou because it looked clean and inviting, not crazy and over the top.

Unlike the place I ate the night before, which was spicy and very Cajun,  La Bayou was more on the French side of Cajun cuisine. The Menu  made it very difficult to decide what to try, but I settled on the Shrimp and Grits Napoleon partially because the price was right and partially because...well I love grits if they are done well, and I figured they'd be good here.

I was right. The dish was very creamy and rich, the shrimp were quite large The grits were really good and quite traditional, not overly flavored. The fried green tomato tower in the center of the plate (the presentation was pretty awesome) were perfect. The batter was light and crispy, the tomatoes nice and firm. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner, and would go back to try other dishes at Le Bayou. I'd look for something more on the spicier side cause that is what I love but this dish was great.

Only one negative. The place was busy and open tables were few so when I needed to visit the restroom I warned my waiter I was not leaving. Sure enough as soon as I turned my back the bus boys started clearing my food off the table. I had to sprint across the room, grab the bus boy by the shoulder and ask him to stop. Luckily I stopped him in time :-).

For great food, great service, atmosphere right on Bourbon street I give Le Bayou 4.75 out of 5 stars.

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