Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zydeco's Cajun Kitchen- Belle Chase, New Orleans

Just a sandwich and a bowl of gumbo here but it is worth a write up. Zydecos is inviting and has a great location on the corner of two major streets. I tried it because it was abundantly clear by the parking lot that it was a local favorite..pickup trucks packed the parking lot every time I drove by.

As usual I tried the gumbo as I always do but unfortunately was not really impressed. Didn't taste like they used much of a roux to start it with and the color was green like green chili sauce. There really are no rules for gumbo but I know what I like.  It had a good flavor and a spicy kick but very thin, and not much in the way of substance. Only a couple small pieces of sausage and 3 small shrimp. If they didn't put a dollop of white rice in it it would not be much of a snack. Didn't look like much love went into this gumbo, though as I said the flavor was good.

For lunch I had the Alligator Sausage Po-Boy sandwich. It gets very high marks. The sausage was done perfectly grilled, had a great flavor and the Gator gave it a nice smooth texture. I would eat it again anytime and highly recommend it. The bread they used for the Po-Boy was really fresh and perfect, the sauce and veggies on the sandwich were also really fresh and tasty. Great Sandwich, one of the best I've had.

This is truly a local favorite but if you are looking for a nice comfy or romantic restaurant to eat out at with your significant other you might not want to go here. It is dark inside with wood paneling everywhere. It needs a serious upgrade. The service was fine, though they seemed frazzled.

I wanted to also mention that a guy at the table next to me had the boiled Crawfish pot for lunch. It looked quite yummy and HUGE!  I am not big on Crawdads (I see them as bait) but may have to indulge while I am here. The serving with corn and potatoes looked as large as any I've seen.

3 out of 5 stars

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